Reservations and renewal

Reserving and renewing items

Login to Savonia-Finna to reserve items and renew loans. Please note:

  • Handboooks cannot be reserved or renewed via Savonia-Finna.
  • Computers and other devices will not be sent to other campus libraries.
  • If you have a loan block (the amount of your fees is 10 euros or more) or your library account has expired, you cannot reserve items or renew loans.
  • Reserving and renewing functions might be hampered during Finna's service break (11-12pm).
  • If you have problems renewing your loans or making reservations, contact Savonia library (

Reserving an item

  • Login to Savonia-Finna and search the book. Click the title of the book to get additional information.
  • Click the Place a reservation on this title button.
  • Placing reservations is free of charge for the staff and students of Savonia UAS.
  • In Savonia-Finna, you cannot make a reservation to an item that is available, if the item’s shelf location and pick up location is in the same campus. You can request such an item by contacting the library (, in which case the shelf fetch fee is 1 €/item.
  • You will be notified by email when the item is available for pick up.
  • Reserved items will be held for 4 days at the pick-up location.
  • The customer will be charged 1 €/item for uncollected reservations. Please cancel unnecessary reservations.
  • When the reservation has arrived at the pick-up location, you can pick it up by yourself from the self-service shelf and borrow it at the self-service.
  • Make the reservation by email (, if you want to pick up your reservation from the customer service desk during the customer service hours.

Renewing loans

  • Login to Your Account and choose Checked Out Items interleaf.
  • You can renew your loans as many times you like, but the maximum period a loan can be checked out is one year.
  • You cannot renew your loan, if someone has made a request for it or if you have a loan block.